Week 4: @Zune

I had a really difficult time deciding what brand to write about in this blog post. I couldn’t figure out if it was easier to find one that used their Twitter account well, or poorly. I mean, on one hand, what’s to say one brand is using it well and another isn’t? Isn’t their Twitter tailored to a specific group of people? As to say that Toms will be tweeting towards the fashion audience, unlike McDonald’s which will tweet towards those who like fast food. I find it really depends on the viewer.

I looked up companies like Calvin Klein and H&M, but their Twitters were so boring – just constant “Hey, check out this new thing we have!” and “Guess who wore our product! @LadyGaga.” I mean, come on… Am I supposed to care that Lady Gaga wore your perfume? I don’t even like Lady Gaga.

That’s what really threw me off with these accounts; they were updating maybe two or three times a day, but each tweet was This person wears CK In 2 U, you should buy it! But that was it. Don’t get me wrong, CK In 2 U smells absolutely delicious and I would buy it in a heartbeat but let’s face it – Calvin Klein, you are very expensive.

So what was the final verdict? After endless searching to find a company’s Twitter that had substance, I found Zune. I’m a big Zune user, I used to use iPods but I wanted something new – something fresh, you know? And that’s what Microsoft did for me. They gave me a completely new product that was refreshing and easy to use. I absolutely love it and I don’t think I’d ever go back to an iPod. With this in mind, I visited their Twitter…

They update a couple times a day, which is a positive for me. I love Zune, but I don’t care to see their tweets in floods through my twitterfeed. The majority of their updates are “Check out the new album from #Greenday! #Uno is number one” and other cute things like that. On occasion, when there’s a trending topic (for example, when The Avengers came out on DVD), they’ll ask “Who’s your favorite Avenger?!” and retweet the replies they get. I think that’s pretty cool because who doesn’t want to get retweeted by a big important brand with almost 56,000 followers?

I looked through their tweets and I couldn’t find much when it came to engaging with their customers. That was a bit of a letdown; but I think a product like Zune doesn’t exactly need constant interaction with their customers. In reality, they seem to be using their Twitter pretty well. If you go to their profile page, you’ll see they’re following around 40,000 people, meaning they probably follow back pretty often. All in all, not too shabby. After reading their page, I feel more informed on new music. That’s pretty cool.

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