Week 3: DandQ blogs almost as much as I do

In my last post I briefly touched on how much I love Drawn and Quarterly (linked to the blog itself), which is a Montreal-based graphic novel publishing company. I remember I dated this really weird indie guy who was into reading nothing but graphic novels – if they weren’t graphic, he didn’t even touch them. He took about 50 different comics off of his external hard-drive and put them on my computer. For the longest time I didn’t even look at them; I had 100 Bullets, the entire Scott Pilgrim collection, Joker, All-Star Superman, and so many more to read. One day I was shuffling through my collection and I saw a something called Optic Nerve, so I opened it, not really sure what to expect. The art was so unlike anything I had seen before, so I immediately fell in love with it. I began reading through and discovered how odd the content was as well. This curiosity sparked more curiosity – which then lead me to the Drawn and Quarterly website. Seriously, some of the stuff I checked out was so incredibly bizarre, I just couldn’t stop reading.

I got into artists such as Chester Brown, who wrote Ed the Happy Clown (legitimately the weirdest comic I’ve ever laid eyes on – not even a slight exaggeration). My favorite, however, remains to be Adrian Tomine, who wrote the Optic Nerve novels. As you can probably tell by now, Drawn and Quarterly is my heart and soul. Naturally, I’m always on their site looking at the new novels that are coming out from my favorite artists. I occasionally read their blog as well. Their latest post pertains to a trip they took to SPX; it’s a very long post – not word wise, but physically long because of all the photos they took. I really enjoyed reading this because of how visual it was. It really made me wish I could have been there, mostly because it would give me the opportunity to absolutely flush out their inventory (I’m dying for some hard copies of their novels).

Now upon looking further, I discovered they don’t have an option for commenting on their posts. You can e-mail them about the things they say, but still not quite as interactive. I was fishing through all their most recent posts, which have been from the past week – I find that pretty cool that they keep up to date with what’s happening with them. I always like to be in the know, you know? I find that’s pretty crucial to keep your business up and running, as well – if you’re not updating enough, I’m going to get bored with your blog. Eventually I’ll stop checking up, and I could miss a few important things. But that’s not to say that a business should update every hour of every day. If you’re flooding my inbox with pointless updates that don’t really matter to me, I’m going to get pretty angry. D&Q, however, updates just right. I’m impressed.

All in all, I give it a 9.6/10. I took away .4 because of the inability to comment on blog posts. But hey, my opinion’s a little biased.

The ending to Summer Blonde. One of my favorites by far.


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